Valerie F. Horn is an experienced civil litigator providing excellent advocacy skills. Ms. Horn has been practicing law in California as a business litigation attorney since 1990.  In June 1996, Ms. Horn established her own law firm.  Attorney Horn is experienced at resolving legal matters involving business and commercial disputes and all aspects of real estate litigation through mediation, arbitration or litigation.

Ms. Horn understands that a legal dispute can be disruptive to ongoing business enterprises or a client's personal life.  Our firm's approach to representing clients is to minimize the potential impact of the dispute on the business or client. 

Our firm aggressively represents each client in order to achieve the best possible result.  Ms. Horn provides prompt attention to each client to keep them informed about the client's matter by regularly reporting the status of the case, by being readily accessible to the client, and by updating each client with the latest legal developments.

Ms. Horn combines excellence with efficiency to obtain optimal outcomes for her firm's clients. The experienced business attorneys in our firm have litigated a wide variety of business and commercial cases and can provide you with skillful and effective representation.  Although in reality most cases settle, our firm is well positioned to take your case to trial and prevail.  Ms. Horn has earned the name "Victory Valerie" for good reason; she is a winner and failure is not an option.

Ms. Horn has significant experience in the complex legal matters which business routinely face. Our firm provides knowledgeable, personalized service to clients in all types of business related legal disputes including all aspects of real estate litigation, contract disputes, partnership, shareholder and corporate disputes, commercial litigation, financial elder abuse, directors and officers' liability, securities disputes, franchise disputes, merchant/vendor disputes, auto dealer disputes, commercial fraud, unfair competition and intellectual property disputes.

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